Authentic Relationships: Finding the Compassion Within

Authentic Relationships: Finding the Compassion Within

Authentic Relationships: Finding the Compassion Within

By Gina Shaw

“When you are in any conflict or under pressure,if you relate to the Infinite on the terms of the Infinite as an established behavior, it will always forgive, respond, and support your righteous intentions.” – Yogi Bhajan


With grace and compassion we can begin to explore the reality of all relationships from the perspective of our relationship with our higher selves.

Often times, we experience emotions that distort our actions and confuse us. We react to something before we get the chance to see why we feel the way we do. The power and force of the thought or emotion can carry us to places we have no intention of going; sometimes leaving us lost and unable to return to a state of peace and happiness. Speaking from my own experience, I have often found myself in places of great confusion when the whirlwind of an emotion consumes my mind and even my body.

Kundalini yoga has taught me to honor the confusion surrounding difficult feelings and find the gift of clarity within. We begin to transform as we curiously explore what our soul is trying to tell us through our emotions and thoughts. Have you ever looked back on an experience with a loved one and wished you said or did something differently? We all desire to have happy and healthy relationships but sometimes find ourselves caught in moments of difference when we may act or speak in a way that does not reflect that desire. It is easy to connect authentically in happy times but in times of conflict it may become difficult. If we have said or done something to upset a loved one, do we internalize that as a critique on ourselves? Or do we remain grounded and engage in order to truly give and understand how they are feeling? Perhaps we firmly disagree with another perspective. Do we have the courage to objectively look at both sides of conflict? Do we trust that our removal from such will never take away our birthright to be loved without discrimination?

When we authentically connect with our higher selves we begin to trust in our intentions and there is nothing that anyone can do or say to take away that faith in who we know we are. We remain grounded, present and aware with a curious outlook on whatever comes our way. A Kundalini yoga practice helps to open the heart and mind to accept the differences in life and in doing so, come to find who we really are. Therefore we can be honest with ourselves and with one another and there is no need to put up a wall of protection with a loved one. There is no feeling we need to preserve out of fear of being unheard, for with compassion we honor and respect all feelings.

Ultimately, our relationship with our higher self is the key to developing and maintaining authentic relationships with our loved ones. When we trust, we become boundless.

To act out of Love knows no boundaries, no limitations. There becomes infinite ways to relate, connect and forgive oneself and others, and in doing so we find ourselves serving Truth in its purest form. We find the courage to step away from the fear of the unknown, and trust our truest and deepest intentions to relate to one another authentically.

May we all be reminded of the boundless bliss within that connects all Life, all hearts and soul. May we surrender to our fears and doubts with courage of and may we know Love and walk alongside one another, hand in hand.



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