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Due to COVID-19, most events are currently being held remotely.

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 Kartar Singh Khalsa

Kartar Singh Khalsa

 Gene Spence

Gene Spence

How Yoga and Chinese Medicine Meridians Work Together

A Five Week Series w/ Gene Spence & Kartar Singh Khalsa – Register Anytime – Videos For Missed Classes Are Available

This 5-part series will teach you how yoga is built – and why it’s effective. When you begin to understand body dynamics at this level, you know how energy moves, how blockage is released, and how energy feeds your brain. You learn how to feel good and you have a scientific basis for sharing it with others.

This is a course for yoga students and teachers of all traditions, including beginners.

Each class will focus on a meridian system, challenges to it, and yogic and energetic solutions, including Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Each class will address an aspect of the physical and psychological challenges confronting us in this unique moment of history.

A five series workshop via Zoom
Teachers: Gene Spence & Kartar Singh Khalsa
Dates: Mondays, 04/26, 05/03, 05/10, 05/17, 05/24 
Time: 7:00-8:30pm est

Conscious Dance – Outdoor Event

An Experience of the Present Moment through the Sensations of Dance
with Alexandra Walker

Conscious Dance is an opportunity to learn from the inside, out. It’s an opportunity to connect to self and to community. We track with sensation, experiencing the present moment with our feeling body. We empty ourselves of judgements/preconceptions and show up with a beginners mind, allowing space for something new. Dancers will be encouraged to experiment and play with different somatic inquiries, moving to a variety of music genres. There is no experience needed and there are no specific patterns of movement to follow. The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression and engage your curious spirit!

For the safety and well-being of our sacred community, we will follow MA state covid-19 guidelines

A one hour 15 minute outdoor dance class on the lawn
Teacher: Alexandra Walker
Date: May 29th
Time: 10-11:15am est
Rain Date: May 30th
Rain Date Time: 10-11:15am est


Rhythmic BE-Ing

*New Series Begins May 25th* Early Bird Special Extended to May 20th*

Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yogic science
To promote health and wellness
A four week series

Group Hike on 6/5:  Join the group for an outdoor hike to a local state park near our Millis Ashram. This time together will provide space for group bonding, while staying socially distanced and safe. This hike is optional only, as we also understand some of our participants may not be local.

Are you experiencing grace and ease in your life, or are you experiencing issues with your sleep, mood, weight, and more?

The foundation for this 4-week series is designed to align with our natural Circadian Rhythm. We will explore where we are out of alignment and learn tools and techniques to bring us to a balanced state of health and wellness.

I have personally found that living through these present times cultivates living a life with grace and ease to be foundational. Learning to use Ayurveda and Yoga’s ancient wisdom is so beneficial to help us navigate our lives. Each week will explore our natural biorhythm and align with it to promote optimum health  ~ Siri Brahma Kaur

A four series workshop via Zoom
Teachers: Siri Brahma Kaur Khalsa
Dates: Tuesdays, 05/25, 06/01, 06/08, 06/15
Time: 6:30-8:00pm est

 Siri Brahma Kaur Khalsa

Siri Brahma Kaur Khalsa

 Sat Siri Kaur

Sat Siri Kaur

Monthly Meditation Series

A Four Series Meditation Journey
With Sat Siri Kaur

New Series Coming Up-Stay Tuned For New Dates!

Kundalini Yoga is a vast technology for being human. In its meditations and kriyas we have profound tools for transformation. We can be skillful in using these tools to assist our development in a particular area. The Aquarian Age requires our evolution. How may we use these tools from Kundalini Yoga to transform our psyches to be more attuned to the requirements of this new age?

Come to any of these workshop dates, or attend all four!

For each of the four Saturdays we will

  • Delve into multiple Kundalini Yoga meditations in sequences with a focus on allowing our evolution and development in a particular area.
  • Focus on a particular area to include, perception, expansion, silence, and intuition.
  • Each of the workshops are available as individual workshops, or can be taken as a series to significantly deepen your yoga practice and understanding.

There is no prior experience necessary to take this class. We will work hard, and you are only expected to do the best you can. It will be worth it!

A four series event via Zoom
Teacher: Sat Siri Kaur
Dates: Saturdays 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/1
Time:  1-3pm est

February 13 – Perception

What is perception? Perception is a funny thing. Guru Dev said, “Everything you think is wrong.” How do we perceive? What do we think about our perceptions? Using various meditations, in this class we will explore, and interact with, our capacity and experience of perception.

March 13 – Expansion

As human beings, our baseline existential experience is one of fear while at the same time our soul is arguing for Joy. As we grow as yogis, our time-centered self is still there, but our relationship to it changes. In this class we will work with meditations that assist us in experiencing Joy and the expansion of the self.

April 10 – Silence

Silence is the most satisfactory companion. In her inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb,” Amanda Gorman wrote “…quiet isn’t always peace….” How do we experience the Peace that “passes understanding,” the Peace of Silence? How do we get to the place of merger with the Infinite? In this class we’ll have the opportunity to experience several meditations focusing on silence and the capacity for merger.

May 1 – Intuition

In the Aquarian Age, our intuition must be our primary guidance system. This class will focus on meditations to hone our ability to relate to, to strengthen, and to trust our intuition

The Moon Cycles:
Tune Into Your Natural Rhythms


A five week series to explore the energies of the moon cycles
with Priti Vedya Kaur

~learn how to recognize and embrace your flow within these cycles
and connect with the truth of who you are~

Each session we’ll explore the ‘felt sense’ of the energy of the moon cycle embodied through a piece of art, music, poetry, dance, etc. We’ll share the experience during our time together and practice Kriyas and Meditations to connect us more deeply into the energies.

Becoming aware of ourselves during the lunar cycles is a powerful way to attune to all the natural rhythms in life and open to the truth of who we are in every present moment. This deep listening allows us to follow the thread of our karmic unfolding and gracefully open to our dharmic path. The gifts of our unique personalities are recognized and given space and nurturing to blossom. Since we’re connected to deeper knowing of where we are in our personal cycles, we feel more confident to share our gifts and are more sensitive to the needs of community as well. Ultimately, we feel satisfied and joyful because we feel so connected to ourselves and to all of life.

In this four week series, we will explore the lunar cycle in four parts. We begin with the New Moon as we honor the death of the last cycle and nurture a birthing awareness of a new movement. The movement comes into focus at the First Quarter Moon. We are fully present with it at the Full Moon. And we start to realize its natural ending at the Third Quarter Moon; the focus becomes more quiet and internal as we listen for what’s ready to birth again. Each week we’ll explore the energies of each cycle and the ‘felt sense’ of each of these movements with kriya and meditation, music, poetry and mantra.

  • Class One-The New Moon
  • Class Two-The First Quarter Moon
  • Class Three-The Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)
  • Class Four-The Third Quarter Moon
  • Class Five-The New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

A five series workshop via Zoom
Teacher: Priti Vedya Kaur
Dates: TBA
Time:  Saturdays, 11-1pm

 Priti Vedya Kaur

Priti Vedya Kaur

Asana at the Wall-Coming Soon!

A Workshop to Strengthen Kundalini Yoga Postures
with Nancy McCaochan, MA, E-RYT 500

CEUs available for teachers

Although Hatha Yoga practice is often very different to that of Kundalini, Hatha’s focus on strengthening and stretching the physical body can help us deepen our experiences during Kundalini sets and sadhana.

In this workshop, you will experience just how a focus on alignment and postural technique sets the stage for profound energy flows.

This 3-hour session focuses on postures commonly included in Kundalini Kriyas, while including a real-time exploration of

  • vertical stacking
  • pelvic fluidity & stability
  • core strength
  • shoulder/heart opening.

At-home participants of all levels will need a 3 ½’ wide wall that’s free of furniture and pictures in order to get the most out of this session.

A three hour workshop via Zoom
Teacher: Nancy McCaochan
Date: To Be Announced.  Stay Tuned!

 Nancy McCaochan

Nancy McCaochan

Full Moon Gongs

On the Saturday night close to or on the Full Moon

Next Event

FB Live with Donation

Invigorate with Kundalini Yoga, then bliss out to prolonged gong relaxation, meditating deeply

Use earphones to to optimize sound quality!

Yoga and Meditation: Guruatma Kaur
Gong Relaxation: Dharam Singh

New Moon Gongs

On the Sunday night close to or on the New Moon

Next Event:

Sunday, May 9th, 7pm
FB Live with Donation

Warm up with Kundalini Yoga
Rest deeply to the sound of the gong, meditate

Use earphones to to optimize sound quality!

New Moon Gong with Guruatma Kaur