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Welcome to Yoga at the Ashram

Yoga at the Ashram is the Baba Siri Chand Yoga & Retreat Center at Guru Ram Das Ashram.

This is a place to connect with your truest self.

The tools of yoga and meditation are here for you. They are used to create self-awareness.

Healing occurs from the inside out.   An inner joy then sustains each day.

Various daily yoga classes are available at affordable rates so all who seek yoga can come.  Weekend workshops, festivals, and internationally renowned trainings happen regularly.   Whether you are drawn to yoga classes or Sikh traditions, or both, there is a comfortable place here to explore what resonates as true for you.  Overnight guest space is available for attending trainings and workshops or for an individual or group “yoga get-away.”

Guru Ram Das Ashram is a spiritual community of long term and new practitioners of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is founded on Sikh Dharma principles of peace, equality, service, love of the Infinite which dwells in each of us and in all things, and a desire to stay connected to that Infinite power at all times by cultivating the meditative mind.

Here, one can explore everything from yoga classes to Sikh services known as Gurdwara (Gurbani Kirtan, Ardas, Hukkum).  There is no pressure in any direction; all choice is based on the individual inner compass.

A free, homemade lunch is served each Sunday at 12:30 pm in the tradition of the Guru’s Langar:

Guru Nanak lived 500 years ago in India, where he was troubled by people killing one another in the name of religion.  He started teaching a simple path of singing one’s way to experiencing the Divine.  Any who visited him was required to sit equally together: no caste, creed, or gender differences.  This was radical ideology at the time!  Sikh communities worldwide continue this tradition of the Guru’s Langar: serving healthy, homemeade vegetarian food to all who visit.

Langar is served on Sundays after Sikh services which begin at 11 am.

Sikhs do not proselytize. Everyone is welcome.