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Seva & Karma Yoga

Volunteers (sevadars) play an important role at Yoga at the Ashram and The Guru Ram Das Ashram.  Sevadars support our mission as a community whose foundation rests on service.

Seva is a service you do without any hope or thought of reward. Karma Yoga is one of the paths among the 22 forms of yoga. When we practice Karma Yoga we experience ordinary work as an expression of the Divine.

Volunteers can serve in a variety of ways:

  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Garden
  • Events
  • Yoga Center
  • Ashram

Why people want to be a Sevedar:

  • To explore and expand in the practice of Karma Yoga
  • To integrate the practice of yoga into their life in a deeper way
  • To be a part of a conscious community based on service

The Pool

As you drive out of the property, there is an area for a beautiful water feature with a sustainable spring-fed pool cleaned by native plants and supporting native wildlife. To make this happen, expertise and financial backing are needed. Happily, Ram Charan Singh has agreed to head up this committee. He is a fine young man who grew up in our community; he has a Masters in the science of environmental sustainability and is a member of the Conservation Committee in Millis. Please contact him at if you have an interest in helping with this project.


Food Insecurity & the Kitchen Remodel

This project grows from the inspiration of many members and sevadars, including: Siri Ram Kaur, who had the vision of “Lungar Ends Hunger” where Sikhs serve food to those in need of food, Jai Singh, her husband and the Ashram architect, who created a plan for the community building so our kitchen would meet a standard where we can provide food to others outside of our community, Hari Kirin Kaur, who longed for us to engage in community service and Siri Brahma Kaur, who wanted to cook for everyone, including those who couldn’t come to the Ashram.


Phase 1 of the Kitchen Remodel is underway! This will help our current kitchen to meet the town’s requirements so that we can deliver healthy meals to those in need. Phase 2 will expand the Community Building to double the bathroom capacity, provide handicap accessibility and a cozy space with a snack bar serving yogi tea and vegetarian treats. We expect Phase 1 to be completed in the spring or summer, with the food program starting shortly thereafter. We are very grateful that Siri Brahma Kaur, who is a very dedicated, professionally trained vegan/vegetarian chef, has agreed to serve as the point person for this project. If you have an interest in this wonderful project, please contact her at


Thank you for your contributions Over the past 2 years, donations from the yoga and Gurdwara communities, along with generous participation by Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh, have raised much of the funds needed to complete Phase 1. Recently we were blessed with a $108,000 anonymous matching-funds donation. Sham Rang Singh explains why this donation was made: “The langar seva project is dear to the donor’s heart, bringing tears to their eyes in seeing it starting to happen. They were unable to fund the project in its entirety but hoped that their contribution would inspire many more people to join together to actualize this vision.”

If you would like to contribute to this or any other project, please contact Sham Rang Singh at or Baldev Singh at , who is overseeing the kitchen remodeling. You can also contribute online at .


The Grants Committee & The Fund-Raising Project

We have a small team (Manjit Kaur, Dharma Kaur) working on writing grants to support the above projects. We are also at the very beginning of exploring the creation of a fund-raising program. If you have an interest and especially if you have experience in these areas, please contact Manjit Kaur at or call 508 254-7956.