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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program

The Aquarian Teacher KRI Level 1

Starts October 11, 2019. Graduates June 14, 2020

Hari Kaur, Lead Trainer,

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You must apply and be accepted into this training,

which will include a written application and an interview.

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“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to Master something, teach it.” – Yogi Bhajan

Level One Program Description:

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, arrived in the United States in 1969 with a stated purpose: “I have come to create Teachers, not to gather disciples.” For over 30 years, he traveled internationally teaching Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness. In 1994, the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, (IKYTA), was formed to make available these priceless teachings through networks of Kundalini Yoga teachers worldwide. Through The Aquarian Teacher™ program, the legacy of Yogi Bhajan continues to train thousands of KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers every year.

In 1969 Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO — the Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization, based on his first principle “Happiness is your birthright.”

The Aquarian Teacher™ program is based on the comprehensive science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and is a journey of your development as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. There are three levels of certification:

  1. KRI Level One: Instructor – Foundations
  2. KRI Level Two: Practitioner – Transformation
  3. KRI Level Three: Teacher – Realization.

In Level One you will become an Instructor and learn the fundamental principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga. This is a 220 hour course, which includes 180 hours of classroom instruction in a well-defined curriculum.

The Aquarian Teacher™ certification program is open both to yoga students ready to become teachers, and those who wish just to immerse themselves in the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

You will develop the skills to instruct students in Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will practice teaching Kundalini Yoga in a practicum setting, participate in early morning Sadhana (spiritual practice), and as part of the non-classroom course requirements, experience the powerful transformational energy of White Tantric Yoga.

The course curriculum will include these topics and more:

  1. The Roots of Kundalini Yoga
  2. Awakening the Consciousness
  3. Yogic & Functional Western Anatomy
  4. Yogic Philosophy & The Origin of Kundalini Yoga
  5. Humanology & Yogic Lifestyle
  6. Role of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  7. Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Meditations

Millis: cozy, convenient, inspiring

Yoga at the Ashram is a beautiful yoga center within one of the few remaining ashrams started by Yogi Bhajan in the 1960’s. 

Community, both local and widespread, defines the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis.  For over 40 years, yoga, meditation and Gurbani Kirtan have infused their vibration here.  The richly diverse community of those who care about the ashram make life here vibrant and interesting to all who visit or stay. 

Located on 18 acres of New England farmland currently under transformation into its permaculture future, it is relaxing and rewarding to learn, visit, and stay at the ashram. 

Early morning practice (group sadhana) is available every day 3:40 am-6:00am free of charge which is one hour later on Sundays. 

Very affordable guest space in shared apartments at $50/night,  parking is free, and course fees include gourmet vegetarian lunches prepared on site. 

Course meets
8:30 am-6pm daily

Oct 11-14, 2019: Special 4 day Immersion Kick Off Weekend with Hari Kaur,

Nov 9-10, Dec 7-8

Jan 10-12,2020,  Feb 8-9,  FEB 15-17 extra snow days if needed

March 6-8, April 18-19, May 16-17, JUNE 12 extra snow day if needed

June 13 & 14 : Graduation on June 14, 2020!

Summer Sale:

Register with a $500-$1000 deposit by July 31 and lock in lowest tuition: $3550

August 1-Sept 3: Tuition increases to $3600
Regular Price: Sept 4 onward: $3750
$3550 Full Time Students with ID and Seniors 65+

All Pricing includes required books, KRI  & IKYTA fees, lunches, yogi tea, and snacks
$500-1000 deposit due at time of registration.  $1000 must be paid by Oct. 11

Second $1000 mus be paid by Jan 31.  Remaining balance must be paid in full by April 18

$108 Nonrefundable Application Fee is included in this tuition.
Call Pat at 508-376-4526 to arrange your payment plan.  Earlier registration=lower monthly cost!

Instructors Level I

 Hari Kaur KhalsaLead Trainer 

Hari Kaur is internationally renowned, directing and teaching classes and Level 1 & 2  trainings, in the US and abroad.  For ten years, Hari worked alongside Yogi Bhajan as an early pioneer, directing his teacher training programs.  She also helped found Yoga Alliance, which holds standards of training for yoga teachers of all traditions. She has initiated diverse KY programs in high schools, hospitals, and centers in New York City and the Boston area.  She now operates a beautiful yoga and jazz studio, Hari NYC, in Manhattan. Inspired by the powerful Kundalini teachings for women, Hari has written A Woman’s Book of Meditation: Discovering the Power of a Peaceful Mind (Penguin 2006), co-authored “A Woman’s Book of Yoga: Embracing Our Natural Life Cycles” (Penguin 2002), and founded The Illumined Woman™ courses, instructing and empowering women at all stages of life.  As the lead trainer in Millis, Hari brings unsurpassed zest, commitment, and energy to the training.  She is a powerhouse of knowledge, heart, and wit.

Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa is a KRI-certified Lead Trainer for KundalininYoga with an acknowledged specialty in Mantra and Naad Yoga. Harbhajan Kaur teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Teacher Training, Women’s Courses and Kirtan/Voice. She brings extensive training and experience in both Eastern and Western styles of music and notation – with a background as a professional singer/ musician and teacher of English literature and creative writing. One of the elders gifted from a treasure trove of knowledge and experience Yogi Bhajan shared with his students, Harbhajan Kaur seeks to “give forward” the benefits of his extensive and priceless teachings.

Siri Sevak Kaur Khalsa is a Professional KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Trainer.  She is compassionate and gifted teacher. She has an intuitive eye for helping students with posture and breath. Her own immersion in mantra, music and Sikh Dharma bring additional joy and beauty into the yoga classroom. She enjoys playing live music in yoga classes and is known for playing classical Indian instruments during meditations. Siri Sevak has spent her whole adult life studying with Yogi Bhajan, living in 3HO ashram communities and teaching Kundalini Yoga. Much of this was in Brooklyn, New York, where she was Director of Kundalini Yoga in Park Slope. She now is teacher and teacher trainer at Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center in Millis, Massachusetts.

Dharam Singh Graham is a Professional KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Trainer who has been teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in the greater Boston area for sixteen years. With a background in engineering, he appreciates the science, as well as the art, of Kundalini Yoga – and his ongoing, dedicated study of yogic topics and Yogi Bhajan lectures serves to enrich the experience of his students and co-teachers. Conscientious and caring, he has the reputation of going the extra mile to deliver excellence with integrity.

Sahaj Kaur, is a is a KRI-certified Professional Trainer.  She is a fine artist and a teacher of Hatha, Kundalini, and Meridian yoga.  An expert in postures, she brings a deep level of foundational experience and subtle depth of knowledge to her classes.  She has thousands of hours of teaching time both in group classes and Level One Teacher’s Trainings, supporting and helping to direct people to find their individual paths since 2000. 

Dr. Sham-Rang is a is a KRI-certified Professional Trainer.  He brings to the course four decades of daily sadhana, merging the worlds of Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda with western medicine.  His clarity and passion about self-healing and the digestion of life experiences helps catalyze your deeply transformative 8-month journey.

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, (IKYTA), was formed to further spread these priceless teachings through the united efforts of Kundalini Yoga teachers worldwide. The KRI Teacher Training Team reserves the right to grant KRI Certification based solely on their discretion and evaluation of each participant’s readiness to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Successful graduates will receive a one-year Membership with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA), and will have met the requirements for Yoga Alliance membership.