The Flower Sutra

The Flower Sutra

The Flower Sutra

By Gina Shaw

This past Friday was a workshop with Amandeep on the Flower Sutra and developing intuition. As only the power of Kundalini yoga and meditation can do, its knowledge helped me to touch such a deep and graceful part of my Being. However, those who attended the workshop know we took quite an interesting path to get there which including yelling, running and free flowing movements through dance. While taught by Yogi Amandeep, a Kundalini practitioner, the Flower Sutra derives from the Zen tradition. This lineage expresses the nature of the emptiness of form; what rises will always fall away. But even so, the emptiness of phenomena does not mean it does not exist. This sutra was designed to question the nature of our essence – the question of who we see we are in relation to what seems to be outside of us. What is, simply is.

At one point it seemed as if I had dropped out of my mind, to an intuitive place of experience through the heart with eyes closed and feeling the awareness of my entire body. To recognize that your Essence is no different than that of a flower – and to look within and find the sturdiness of a wise and grounded tree, to find the effortless flowing of water, the sustaining power of heat and fire that lifts one up to the whispering smoke, calling for us to know our truest Selves. Yet even seeing that all outside you resides within, the ebb and flow of the elements finds no permanent solace in its form – to rise and fall is its nature. This provides a particular sense of comfort when reflecting on the emotions and thoughts that occur within my mind and recognizing the space between their natural fluctuation. While the mind can only understand so much – as its ability to comprehend is limited by the walls of its container – it is the Divine energy within one’s body which holds so much knowledge and wisdom! To go beyond the thinking mind, one becomes dissolved in something far more powerful. I believe there is a certain level of vulnerability that comes with taking on a practice of yoga. We are striving yet simply sitting, in a constant state of Being and becoming. This dance is tricky – but it does not have to be so. Amandeep showed us in such an eloquent way that we must empty ourselves before we may be filled with our Highest Selves, the Universe itself. When we are willing to surrender and let go of expectation, attachment and self-promoting, we gain the world.
The power and beauty of the space we created has been sitting with me since I left Friday evening. A reminder of this steady and radiating vibration within my heart comes rushing back with every deep inhale I take. I have found that to know the breath is to know one is never lost, never without guidance. Its love lifts you up with each inhale and finds a grounding presence with each exhale. I sat the next morning, still unable to articulate my experience. Words and thoughts eventually started to form in my mind and I found myself with a poem. In honor of the vulnerability that arises within when we let go of our fear and thought created conceptions, I have chosen to share the words which came to mind. While I have much to learn, nothing but a deep sense of gratitude comes from my heart for finding a place of refuge; within myself and at the Ashram.

Sat Nam.


I – I am nothing,
Yet I am everything.

We are never alone.
This life has been
carefully designed,
for us,
by us,
within us.
How powerful that is.

Go deeper; feel the deep
Waves of Existence.

It is you.

Let there be no

The walls – you have put them there.

Oh silly one – you glued them in place.

And forgot.

Laugh! When the walls
look at you.
So hard.
So firm.

But, as the wind blows
So do you.


And you will fly.


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