Stress Backpack Meditations

Stress Backpack Meditations

Meditations to Prepare for the “Gray Period of the Planet” 

by Siri Sevak Kaur


In the early 70’s when I first lived in a 3HO Ashram, Yogi Bhajan  gave us six meditations to prepare for “the gray period of the planet” which he told us is a time of brain disorientation that has occurred in times of great transition.  It occurred before the rise of Chinese civilization and before the Atlantis era, and it is happening now.

It happens when the axis of the Earth shifts and the magnetic field changes.  Many people become depressed. Brains cease to function well, make good judgments or keep a sense of self. It is a natural phenomenon.

Yogi Bhajan wanted us to train our minds with these meditations so we would be able to serve others when this gray period hit.  My friend and I used to do them on Sunday mornings when we didn’t have to work in the Golden Temple Conscious Cookery. These meditations are part of the Vitality & Stress material. They are called “Stress Backpack Meditations” and are practiced one each day during  the six days of the Vitality & Stress course.

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