Sun. Aug 19, 2018 – Sun. Aug 26, 2018

The Course: The radiance of the soul exists as light, but is often hidden from our conscious experience. To bring forth this radiance we have a gift called the Shabad Guru, where sound becomes the teacher. First, we will work on the vessel of the self through Kundalini Yoga to open the energy of our body systems. Then we will connect with the Sacred through beautiful poetry of the Sikh tradition –  sung to enchanting tunes.  In this week long intensive, each participant will have the opportunity to clear the energy of emotional patterns, open the voice, and embody the sacred energy of Shabad Guru through an in-depth experience of four Shabads (sacred songs). From morning Sadhana (daily practice) till evening, we will sing together, practice together, listen and talk together, and sit in the silence of our collective consciousness to expand our capacity to merge into the radiance of the soul’s light.

This intensive will be taught by Snatam Kaur and her mother Prabhu Nam Kaur. It will be held at the beautiful Yoga at the Ashram: The Baba Siri Chand Yoga & Retreat Center at Guru Ram Das Ashram, specifically chosen for this course because of the sacred energy of the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship), that has been cultivated there for many years.

No yoga or musical experience required. 


This course offers a sliding scale registration. Please choose the rate the best suits your financial needs. Sliding scale A- $1650.00, Sliding Scale B- $1450.00, and Sliding Scale C- $1250.00. The registration fee includes all course materials and lunch each day (Sunday – Sunday). There is a payment plan option upon registration.

Accommodations are available in our guest space for $55/night. Please click here to book your stay.

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