New Covid 19 Guidelines as of May 29, 2021

We will announce In-Person Sadhana guidelines soon-until then, we are still offering Online Sadhana a few days a week-Stay Tuned!

For the safety and well-being of our sacred community, we are following updated COVID-19 Massachusetts guidelines which allows for fully vaccinated residents to unmask while in Massachusetts and the CDC advisory that all unvaccinated residents continue to wear masks in indoor settings and when they can’t socially distance.

Everyone is advised to consider their own risk tolerance in attending a group occasion.

Let’s Keep Yoga Streaming and Serving the Current Times!

Your generous donations keep the mission and service of the Baba Siri Chand nonprofit yoga center alive!

Your presence as a gift of time, intention & community is the greatest treasure

Weekly Online Morning Sadhana Schedule


Sat Bir Singh, Aquarian Sadhana, 4:40am est


Gwir & Abhai Raj Singh, Aquarian Sadhana, 5:00am est


Raj Yoga Center, Aquarian Sadhana, 4:00am est


Dharam Singh, Aquarian Sadhana, 3:40am est

Traditional Aquarian Sadhana: is a beautiful way to begin your morning and set the course for your day so that you leave feeling clear, uplifted, and inspired. We begin each morning in the amrit vela at 3:40am with the recitation of Japji, a sacred poem written by the first Guru, Guru Nanak. Jap means to repeat, and Ji means soul. The repetition of Japji gives you a consistent projection and allows you to access your own infinite source of inspiration and depth.” From 4:00am to 5:00am we practice an hour of Kundalini Yoga, and from 5:00am to 6:00am we meditate with music to the chanting of the Aquarian Sadhana Chants.

**Sunday mornings begin one hour later at 4:40am with Japji. 

***Several days a week, Aquarian Sadhana is being offered at different times:  4am and 5am est.  

There is no cost for Morning Sadhana, and you are very welcome to show up at anytime during the 2.5 hours!

For general information on Morning Sadhana check out this wonderfully informative site

We look forward to practicing together!