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Guest Information
Guru Ram Das Ashram

Thank you for coming to Guru Ram Das Ashram. We hope to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. If you have any questions, please call our ashram secretary, Dharma Kaur, at (508) 376-4387. If she is not home, try calling her cell phone at (508) 735-4580.

Feel free to enjoy a walk on over 18 acres of our lovely grounds. You may freely attend early morning sadhana (schedule below), ashram social events, and/or Gurdwara / kirtan programs. Your fee for Guest Housing also affords you the membership privilege of attending Daily Yoga Classes for free (see our list of classes in the flyer case in the Yoga Center entranceway, or on our website,

Housing Fees:
The fee for one adult per night is $45 for a shared room and bath (same gender, unless couple arrangements are made), with fully equipped kitchen, and access to a clothes washer and dryer. We also have guest WiFi access for computer users. We offer special rates for extended stays. Please make arrangements to pay for your housing through Dharma Kaur, on-line when you register for a course, or by depositing your check in the lock boxes located in each guest space.

Bedding & towels:
Unless advised otherwise please bring sheets, pillowcases, and towels. We supply quilts and pillows.

Sadhana Schedule
Weekdays Saturdays & Sundays:
4:00 AM Yoga 5:00 AM Yoga
5:00 AM Meditations 6:00 AM Meditations

Gurdwara Information
The Sunday Gurdwara / kirtan program is scheduled from 11 AM - 1 PM. There is also a Gurdwara program every first Friday of the month from 7-9 PM. Following Gurdwara programs, a Langar (group meal to which everyone is welcome), is served. If you would like to help prepare a Sunday lungar, you may come at 9 AM to lend a hand.

There is a local phone available in the community kitchen next to the Yoga Center / Lungar Hall. Local calls are free; you can use a calling card for long distance.

Please bring only vegetarian or lacto-vegetarian food onto ashram property (no meat, fish, or eggs, please).

Ashram Code of Conduct
At Guru Ram Das Ashram, we maintain a safe, healthful, and wholesome environment for spiritual practice. In keeping with the ashram lifestyle we do not allow meat, illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or smoking of any kind, sex outside of marriage, violence, or threats of violence. Permission must be sought before bringing pets or animals onto the property. We reserve the right to request anyone who disregards our policies to leave the Ashram.




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