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Learning From The Heart -Updates Coming Soon

With Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa, M. ED

Sometimes, what our loved ones are experiencing can seem like an unsolved puzzle. Added to this mystery can be stressful issues with academics, behavior, and emotions. Through fun, games and movement, this program facilitates children putting the pieces back together, as they solve their own puzzle. In each class, we experience breath awareness, mind-body fitness, and the opportunity to go within to rejuvenate. Students with special needs encouraged to attend. Attend up to 10 two-hour sessions at any location.

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Semester 1 (9-4-14 to 11-6-14) $600.00
Semester 2 (11-13-14 to 2-15-15) $600.00
Semester 3 (2-12-15 to 4-16-15) $600.00
Semester 4 (4-23-15 to 6-25-15) $600.00

Learning From The Heart Level 1 Certification

Learn easy to apply tools like yoga and reflex integration to facilitate children healing themselves that can be utilized at home, in a classroom, in therapy or family yoga. Learn practical ways to help children with challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, dyslexia or autism. Learn easy ways to teach reading, handwriting and spelling– including adaptations for children with special needs. Experience tools of yoga and reflex integration at your own comfort level. Learning from the Heart Level 1 Certification is available upon completion of this course.  Stay Tuned for upcoming trainings.

About Sat Nam Kaur

Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa has served as an educator for over 25 years, from pre-school to college. She is a Kundalini yoga teacher and teaches Emei Qigong. She is a volunteer corporator for the YMCA, and is currently the director of Learning from the Heart, which is offered at various locations in Massachusetts. Incorporating yoga, qigong, reflex integration, and other healing therapies, she facilitates a safe and loving way for children to find their strength within, to heal themselves, and to learn how to read and write with ease. Sat Nam Kaur is the author of Reading from the Heart and has received a citation from the city of Fall River, MA for her work with children and families.


  • Learning from the Heart in Spanish
  • Social Pragmatics
  • “Mommy and Me” Class

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