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Yoga at the Ashram is a place to connect with the truest inner self, the gem of wisdom which dwells within everyone. The tools of yoga and meditation are here for everyone regardless of prior yoga experience or personal beliefs.  These tools belong to everyone, and are used to create self-awareness. Healing occurs from the inside out.   An inner joy then sustains each day.

Please explore this website, or call us, for daily Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga classes, Joyful Hatha, and gong meditations.   Workshops, Internationally recognized yoga teacher trainings, retreats and yoga get-aways available. Family centered activities and various workshops to meet every interest!

New yoga students are invited to try 30 days for $30:

An affordable way to find the right class, time and teacher

“Understand with compassion or you will misunderstand the times”

                                                                    – Yogi Bhajan

The Gift of a Yoga Getaway

Book your own getaway, or as a gift to a loved one: $75 per person includes an overnight guest stay in cozy guest space. Enjoy a 48 hour unlimited yoga class pass includes Full Moon Saturday Night Gong Events.  Join in Langar (delicious vegetarian lunch with community) on most Sundays at 12:30 pm.  Early morning Kundalini yoga practice (sadhana) available, free, every day at 4 am, one hour later at 5 am on Sundays. Consider a small group get-away: friends or conscious business.  Immerse yourself in apartment living together, access yoga and meditation, enjoy the great outdoors, then have a fabulous PJ party or get your project completed!

Fully Flexible Gift Certificates

This Holiday and New Year Season we’ve got you covered!  A gift certificate to Yoga at the Ashram of any amount may be used for classes, workshops, or shopping.   Your loved one will then get to choose where to apply the certificate!  Workshops are typically $25-$65. Visit our store or call for competitively priced (typically less than online) yoga CDs, books, fun accessories, and Yogi Tea mix!

Keeping Yoga Affordable for All, in a Peaceful Setting

Yoga at the Ashram is a non-profit organization, named for Baba Siri Chand, the great yogi who never aged.  His compassionate heart taught Guru Nanak’s message of equality of all people and truthful living.  Baba Siri Chand united the yogis 500 years ago.  His message remains clear and true to us today. It is an honor to carry this thread of love and truth into the current times.  This center welcomes all who seek conscious living via any path.  Classes are kept intentionally very affordable so that all who seek these practices may access them.

The yoga center is nestled in a 45 year old Sikh ashram community and is open to all.   One of the most important Sikh Dharma principles is freedom to practice the spirituality and/or religion that you love.

Dwelling in the constant remembrance of Divinity within each heart, spirits soar and all beings prosper in grace.

Yours in Service to All,

Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa, MD, Director

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